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Sherlock Holmes Picnic VI Date Announcement!

This year’s SHPicnic will be on the 16th July. Meet at 12.00 at the bandstand for food, fun, fandom frolics and other things beginning with F!

Uh, not that, get your mind out of the gutter.

Further information to follow. Follow us here or on Twitter (@SHPicnic) for updates.

SHPicnic 2015
The Fifth Annual Sherlock Holmes Picnic is almost upon us, and this year we will be celebrating the Sherlympics. Fangirl will be pitted against fangirl as we endeavour to find the Ultimate Champion Of Sherlockian Athletics. The Games are on!

We will also be running the usual Sherlockian Food Competition, so get your chef’s hats on!

We will be meeting at the bandstand at Regent’s Park at 12, running games from roughly 2pm until 5pm, and then retiring to the Metropolitan pub for drinks, laughter and more food. Hell yeah.

If you’re coming along, please sign up at our Doodle poll:


Official Announcement of the 2015 SHPicnic
The Fifth Annual Sherlock Holmes Picnic will take place on July 18th, at 12pm in Regents Park. As always, further announcements will follow here and on the SHPicnic Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Sign-Ups Open!!

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Banner very kindly created by Sunlitlake.

Sign up sheet now open HERE!

Please sign up for the parts of the day you'll be coming to so we can keep track of numbers, and remember to pass it on to your friends! Everyone in fandom is welcome!

For further details and other info as we work it out, keep an eye on the SHPicnic Twitter and the SHPicnic Tumblr.

Amy & Trills

2014 SHPICNIC - 19/07/14

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Banner very kindly created by Sunlitlake.

Yes, we're doing it all again this year! Plans include the usual picnic with Sherlockian food, themed activity in Regents Park, quiz and dinner, as well as all the usual squee and shenanigans.

Further details will be on the SHPicnic LJ, the SHPicnic Twitter and the SHPicnic Tumblr closer to the date, so keep an eye out for those.

Hope to see you there,


Fandom_Wank Report from the Murder Mystery

Doug4fun ( doug4fun78) wrote in fandom_wank,

@ 2013-06-29 17:12:00

The Sherlock Holmes fandom are at it again. For such a tiny fandom, they sure seem to find a lot to wank about.

Read more...Collapse )

Another Fabulous Picnic Over
Thank you so much to everyone that came on Saturday, I really hope you had as much fun as I did. Congratulations to Team Lestradios for winning the murder mystery, and to those who won the food competition - and everyone who brought themed food, actually. Judging that was really hard.

Several people have been asking of we'll put up bits from the murder mystery. I'll put the Fandom Wank report up in a moment, but you may have to wait for the rest, as it's possible it's going to be run again, and I don't want to put the answers up all over the internet and spoil it.

If anyone was interested in a list of people who were present, one of the people who took a list of URLs at dinner has put the list up on Tumblr, here.

Hope to see you all again next year (date to be announced soonish).

Two Weeks To Go!
I know, I can't believe it either. I hope you're all getting excited. Are you thinking of cosplaying? Are you creating a culinary masterpiece for the Sherlockian food competition?

Most importantly, have you signed up to the Doodle Poll:

All our plans are coming together, and my flat is beginning to fill with prizes and other exciting things. Let's all just keep hoping this good weather lasts, yes?

Summer is here!
In an astonishing turn of events the sun is actually shining in England. Preparations are afoot and this year’s SHPicnic is just around the corner.

12 noon 20 July at The Bandstand in Regents Park

View Sherlock Holmes Picnic 2013 in a larger map

We’ve marked the bandstand on this map along with some nearby places where you can buy food if you need to. Bring a packed lunch and be prepared to...

Win fabulous prizes!

Once again we’ll be running the Sherlock related food competition. Doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or savoury or a bit of both - as long as it’s Sherlock themed you could win!

Murder Mystery

Because what’s a Sherlock picnic without a bit of murder thrown in? Starting at 2pm you will get the chance to show off your deduction skills and catch a murderer (you may want to bring a notebook to take notes). There are yet more fabulous prizes for any team that gets it right.

Busy during the day? Join us later

There will be a pub quiz just after 5pm at The Metropolitan bar near Baker Street Tube Station and dinner at Baker Street Pizza Express at about 7pm so if you can’t make the whole day feel free to join in then. Both places are marked on the map.


Very important, go to our doodle poll here to sign up ESPECIALLY if you’re coming for dinner as we will be pre-booking. If you later find out you can’t make it please go back and untick so we have an accurate number.

Find us on twitter as @shpicnic for the most up to date details.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


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